Winner Results

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Results of the class lottery draw:

You can find out the dates of the draws and the numbers of the class tickets drawn here. With our SMS service, you can find out whether you have won within minutes of the draw. You will also be notified of any prizes in writing. At the end of each class, a list of winners will be published which can either be seen at our branch or purchased. Prizes are payable from the second business day after each draw.

Notification of win:

By email and post

Hohe Brücke automatically sends prize notifications to all winners by post or email. In addition, you can find out whether you have won as follows:


We can inform you about your prize directly after the draw. If you did register for the SMS service when placing your order, you can do so now by providing your mobile phone number. You will be notified immediately and free of charge on your mobile phone after the draw.

Check whether you have won online

Here, you can find out at any time whether you have won. Simply fill in your ticket number in the field provided to find out immediately.


Naturally, the results of the draw are also available on Austrian TV. They can be found on ORF teletext page 724. In addition, the results of the draw are announced every Monday on ORF at about 9:45 pm and on ATV at about 7:45 pm.


Austria’s leading newspapers regularly publish the winning numbers. They are published on Tuesday in the ‘Kurier’, on Wednesday in the ‘Krone’ and on Thursday in the ‘NEWS’.