Tickets and chances of winning

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Ticket prices per class:

Play and win with your individual lucky lottery package. Set your own ticket price. Choose your individual tickets and how many you would like to have from among our offers. When playing the Classic class lottery, choose either a whole ticket, half a ticket or a tenth of a ticket. To improve your chances of winning in the class lottery, take the opportunity to put your money on several ticket numbers. The more numbers you play, the greater your chances of winning and the greater proportion of ticket you buy, the greater your proportion of the prize! As an example: if your number is drawn and you own an entire ticket, you can win a whole million euros. If you own a tenth of a ticket, you will win €100,000 in this case.


A tenth of a ticket

€ 15,00


Half a ticket

€ 75,00


A whole ticket

€ 150,00

Optimising your chances of winning:

Clever combinations: the more ticket numbers you play with, the greater your chances of having a lucky number in the class lottery! The chances of winning in the Austrian Class Lottery are already huge with just one ticket. But if you want to be almost guaranteed a win, you can optimise your game. You can improve your already excellent chances of winning in the class lottery even more by playing the Combi lottery: rather than playing with just one ticket number, play with several. By combining various ticket numbers, you can increase your chances of winning by up to 25%!


Chances of winning with
1 ticket number:

76,36 %


Chances of winning with
3 ticket numbers:

98,68 %

Money Back Guarantee


Chances of winning with
6 ticket numbers:

99,98 %


Chances of winning with
10 ticket numbers:

99,99 %

You won’t find such good chances of winning anywhere else!

This lottery offers you a pay-out of 54%. Compare the chances of winning and convince yourself of the unique opportunities with Hohe Brücke!
Chance of winning a million compared to other lotteries:

1 : 8.621

250,000 tickets in the lottery

North German
Class Lottery:

1 : 17.647

3,000,000 tickets in the lottery

South German
Class Lottery:

1 : 28.037

3,000,000 tickets in the lottery