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What is the Austrian Class Lottery?

The Austrian Class Lottery is a government regulated lottery offering a high chance of winning. There are 250,000 tickets with 278,196 prizes to be won.

How does the class lottery work?

The Austrian Class Lottery is held in six game phases, the so-called classes over a period of six months. A class lottery therefore takes place twice a year. You can win new prizes every week. Each ticket has multiple chances of winning a million. You choose how much to spend as you can buy not only whole tickets but also half tickets and a tenth of a ticket. It is especially important and advantageous to play the entire lottery, because the most and largest prizes are drawn in the 6th class.

How long does a lottery last?

Each lottery lasts six months and is made up of 6 classes. Each class lasts exactly 4 weeks.

What are classes?

Each lottery is made up of 6 classes. The biggest and most numerous prizes are in the 6th class. There are 4 draws in each class.

How can you participate in the next lottery?

According to the rules of the game, it is required that we offer the chance to participate in the new lottery to regular customers of the previous lotteries.

What does government regulated mean?

In contrast to other types of gambling, the Austrian Class Lottery has a prize schedule that sets out the number and value of the prizes in advance. The total winnings of €121.5 are guaranteed by ‘Österreichische Lotterien’, the Austrian lottery firm, and are managed under government supervision.

How much does a ticket for the class lottery cost?

A whole ticket (1/1) costs €150.00 per class
Half a ticket (1/2) costs €75.00 per class
A tenth of a ticket (1/10) costs €15.00 per class

Please note that if the lottery has already started, the classes already played will still have to be paid for.

How can I order a ticket?

There are four different ways to order a ticket for the Austrian Class Lottery from Hohe Brücke. Please find a detailed list of all the options here:

  • online: order your tickets here
  • by phone: between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm by calling +43 1 533 26 56
  • by fax: to +43 1 533 26 50
  • at the counter in Vienna our opening hours
  • by order card: fill in order card and send it to us by post or fax.

Can I swap class lottery tickets?

You can swap your lottery tickets at the beginning of each lottery.

Can I swap class lottery tickets during the class lottery?

You can also swap your lottery tickets during the class lottery, but please note that you will still have to pay for the classes already played.

What is a ticket certificate?

A lottery certificate confirms the purchase of your class ticket with a unique ticket number. The confirmation of your ticket number is valid in the same way as the original ticket.

How many tickets are there?

There are 250,000 tickets per class lottery in total. There are 278,196 prizes to be won within the six months of the game.

How can I pay for a class lottery ticket?

Payment is just as simple, choose from the following:

– by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club)
– by instant transfer or eps
– by direct debit when providing your account details (SEPA direct debit) or by giving your credit card details (we will provide the form)
– by payment slip, which is sent to you by post on receipt of your order
– in cash at our branch or by registered post
– by bank transfer:

Hohe Brücke GmbH
IBAN: AT136000000007369201

How often do I have to pay?

If you want to play the entire lottery, which is strongly recommended, you can either pay for all 6 classes in advance at once or you can pay individually per class, i.e. 6 times.

What is the latest date for me to pay?

Your class ticket or your ticket combination must be paid for no later than one day before the 1st draw of each class. When paying by bank transfer or deposit, the date on which the payment is made at the bank or post office applies.

Does the ticket take part in the draw even if payment has not been made?

Yes, every ticket takes part. However, you have no right to any prize if the ticket has not been paid for.

What happens if I pay for my ticket too late?

If payment for the ticket is only made after the latest payment date for the class, i.e. late, the participant only has the right to win from the following draw.

What are the chances of winning and how can I increase my chances?

You can further increase the already excellent chances of winning in the Austrian Class Lottery by adding the Combi ticket options or the Super 6 Combi: play with two or more numbers instead of just the one. The figures below show how you can increase your chances of winning.

76.36% chance of winning with 1 ticket number
98.68% chance of winning with 3 ticket numbers
99.98% chance of winning with 6 ticket numbers
99.99% chance of winning with 10 ticket numbers

How do I find out the results of the class lottery draw?

The best way is to check our website. Enter your ticket number in the field provided at the bottom right of the screen to quickly check whether your ticket has won.
You can, of course, also use Hohe Brücke’s SMS winner service to find out whether you have won straight after the draw. You will also be immediately notified of each of your prizes in writing. At the end of each class, a list of winners will be published and sent to those who play by post. This list can, of course, also be purchased from Hohe Brücke (€0.10 each for the 1st – 5th class and €0.30 for the 6th class). In addition, this list of winners is available for inspection at Hohe Brücke. You can, of course, also enquire by calling the following number: +43 1 533 26 56.

Is it possible to attend the draws?

Yes, of course you can attend a draw! All Austrian Class Lottery draws are public and are held at 9:00 am at Österreichische Lotterien in Vienna, Rennweg 44, under the supervision of a notary. If you would like to attend a draw, please call the Class Lottery department on +43 1 790700 to register.

What should I do if I no longer wish to participate?

You can end your participation in the class lottery at any time. Please return the certificate (the ticket) for the class in question and inform us of your cancellation either in writing or by phone.

When are the prizes paid out?

Prizes are payable from the second business day after each draw.